Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose us for your design/printing needs? Let me count the ways:

When dealing with larger firms, you usually end up getting the “musical chair” treatment where it’s difficult to talk to the same person twice concerning your projects.

At Threefold Design, the staff consists of me and my wife, so you will be dealing with us directly throughout your entire project.

We truly care about your business’s success, not just ours. We’re human. We have hopes, dreams & goals. And we know you do, too.

We don’t take it lightly that you’ve chosen us to be a part of your marketing plan. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed!

Every single custom project starts with a solid white, empty file. There are no cookie cutter templates here! We painstakingly design every detail from scratch. Why should your marketing look exactly the same as thousands of other businesses? Stand out from the crowd! 

Our main focus is on print marketing. We do not do any web/online design. This allows us to focus on top-quality printed products.

While we may not offer everything under the sun, what we do offer will rival anything you could get from a larger firm.

C’mon, you know you want one. Our clients love our Christmas cards! We get feedback every single year.

Who wouldn’t want to get our funny Christmas photos in the mail?