5 Must-Haves for a Successful Visual Brand

5 Must-Haves For Your Visual Brand

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While there is more that’s involved when creating your overall identity, the visual side of your brand is what potential clients will see most. You have to plan and craft your image to direct your clients’ feelings and emotions when they encounter your brand. In the world that we live in, your visual branding must be on point.

1) Logo

Having a good logo is the foundation of your brand’s visual success. Even if the logo that you are using is not the best representation of your brand, if you are using it consistently that can go a long way.

Now, don’t get me wrong, a bad logo almost always needs to be replaced or at the very least revamped. However, consistently using your logo will cause your audience to become familiar with your brand and over time they will easily recognize your brand. Brand recognition equals trust. Trust equals loyalty.

2) Brand Colors

There are a lot of theories about the psychology of colors in marketing. A lot of it boils down to personal preference, context and cultural differences among other things. But I do think that the right color palette paired with all the other must-have elements of a visual brand can really take your visual brand to the top. Using the same handful of colors in your branding repeatedly does not have to be boring. However, it will make your brand memorable.

So that being said, choose a small palette of colors to use for your brand. Generally speaking, you need to have 1-2 primary colors and 2-3 accent colors. Also consider having a darker neutral color that you can use for for body text.

3) Brand Fonts

Don’t use all 547 fonts that are available on your computer. Choose 1-2 fonts that represent your brand’s look. Using too many fonts can be confusing and will turn your audience off. If your audience can’t quickly read your brand’s message they will move on. The best way to capture your audience’s attention with what you write is for it to be easily readable.

4) Images that represent your brand

Any old photo will not do. That’s not to say that you can’t share a random photo on your social media accounts occasionally. The photos that you use don’t always have to be literal photos of your products or services. You simply need to use photos that have your brand’s look.

Use photos that evoke feelings that you want those that come into contact with your brand to feel when they see your photos. When in doubt, you can use photos of smiling, happy people that might be using your product or service. Smiling, happy faces can create an instant ease and trust with your audience.

5) Overall Consistent Brand Style

Consistent brand style is probably the most important for the well-being of your visual brand. This encompasses all of the other must-haves for a successful brand. If you have a quality logo, a color palette, a font palette and images that represent your brand, but don’t use them consistently, your audience will have a hard time getting to know your brand. And if they don’t get to know your brand they likely won’t spend money with you.

There is no one size fits all in branding. That’s what makes your brand unique. However, overall consistency in your visual brand is a must for your brand to thrive. Whatever you do, do it consistently.

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